28 March 2021

Wintertide - A Trip With Seth Curl




“Wintertide” was a project that was a long time in the making. After months and months of changed plans, cancellations, and postponing, we finally were able to make the trek out to the Pacific Northwest to capture the beauty and bliss of winter.

For this project, I knew I wanted to utilize Bounce Color’s LUTs in a powerful way. So I decided on a concept of using them to portray the wonder of the winter season.

Our original plan was to capture the moody greens of the Pacific Northwest, but as it got colder and closer to winter, we knew there wasn’t much green left. So with a slight change in ideas, I kept the same concept, but curated it for the winter tones instead. Thankfully, it worked out well and the winter tones made for some amazing shots and a perfect palette to use for the LUTs.

The Trip

The trip itself went really well. We were only in the northwest for about 4 days, but it was plenty of time to get all the content that was needed. It was a brutally cold journey and temperatures were not ideal to shoot in.

Luckily, however, it stayed sunny for most of the trip so we didn’t have to battle with snow or sleet. The scenery was absolutely beautiful as well. From frigid mountain ranges to white covered forests, we managed to capture a wide variety of landscapes for the final video.

driving the car
snow tree forest
peace sign

Overall the trip was a success and I can’t wait to venture back out to the northwest area for some more exploring. A few weeks after we got back, I realized that I wanted just a bit more content for the video.

So we took a short weekend trip to the mountains near us and got the final touch of winter footage. I’m so happy with the final product and am looking forward to more like this with Bounce Color.

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