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No matter what type of software you’re using to edit videos, we have a LUT pack for you. Our bundles are compatible with all major video editing software - whether you’re on Premiere Pro, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, Filmora - you name it.

We also have the most diverse selection of LUTs (Lookup Tables) for video editing, so you can find something to fit any type of theme or feel you’re going for. From single download LUTs to complete master bundles - we have something to take your game up a notch and allow you to produce better videos more efficiently.


What is a LUT?

A LUT is an acronym for Lookup Table. These are essentially sets of data that hold defined numbers, which simply change one set of colors, to another.

These are a video editors best friend - because instead of manually choosing these metrics we’ve outlined above, you can simply download LUTs and import them into any software. Read a more in-depth overview about LUTs here.


Are LUTs just presets?

We commonly get asked, are LUTs just presets? This is a great way to look at them - they are a cheat code of sorts to help you configure the specific look you’re going for in a video. They are also used heavily in the professional world including big movie sets. LUTs are also used for calibrating monitors, reference color grades for live previews, color space conversions in camera, color correcting footage & much more.

When using LUTs in your editing software, you still have to do the work to find the LUT that suits your scene. Also you will still need to tweak things here and there such as exposure & white balance. But for the most part, these will drastically speed up the rate at which you edit videos. Learn more about who LUTs are useful for here.


What is a LUT Pack?

A LUT pack is exactly what it sounds like - a bundle of different lookup tables all in one download.

These allow you greater versatility, as you have different presets you can choose from. Here at Bounce Color, you’ll see we don’t just sell individual download LUTs, but also LUT packs containing some of our favorite products all in one.

If you’re serious about video editing, investing in LUT packs is a great way to ensure you have the perfect preset for any footage you come across. Otherwise, you’re going to be limiting yourself, and you may find that you don’t have the right preset for a project. In this case, you’ll end up having to adjust the color, contrast, brightness, etc manually.


Getting the most out of your Video Lookup Tables

Lookup tables are great - but they aren’t a replacement for talent or hard work. These are meant to enhance and automate certain tasks, but they won’t fix a poorly shot video or one that hasn’t been properly color corrected/graded.

Sure, look up tables will help you grade your footage after you’ve corrected the color. But that part comes first - if you don’t properly color correct your footage, you’re going to be disappointed when you see the finished product - LUT or not.

So be sure to learn the basics before relying on these. Once you hone in your craft, you can turn to these to increase efficiency and help you churn out projects quicker.

How do I download LUTs?

Before you download LUTs, you need to do some due diligence. If you’ve already shot your footage, then it’s just about determining what type of mood you want to convey and shopping accordingly.

Maybe you’re after a luxurious look - or perhaps you want to convey the colorful scene of autumn. 

No matter what type of look you’re going for, chances are, there is a lookup table just waiting to be downloaded and implemented in your video editing software.


Where to find the best video LUTs to download

A lot of places offer free lookup tables online - and if you’re just starting out, maybe this is the right approach from you to learn how they work.

However, the best video editors understand that you get what you pay for. If you’re a professional, you need the best tools available - and these aren’t going to be free.

You’ll have to invest in your craft, which is a no brainer when you consider how much higher prices you can charge - and how much LUTs can improve your turnaround time.


Bounce Color's Crafted LUTs

The reason so many videographers choose to download LUTs from our site is the diversity of options we carry. We’ve said it before, but we literally have a LUT for any mood you are trying to convey.

Plus, using our LUTs is as easy as it gets. Every Creative LUT pack we sell, comes with a pack of True Log Rec709 Conversion LUTs for all major camera Log color profiles. 

Furthermore, our creative video LUTs are provided in Rec709 color space for better compatibility across all camera brands, accurate color matching & multi-camera shoots. Our range of Natural LUTs are built for specific cameras Log color profiles.

For those quick turnaround projects, or to keep a consistant color across your videos, or if you struggle to achieve specific colors, LUTs are here to help you. No more manually adjusting colours, saturation, brightness, or contrast - let us do the heavy lifting!


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