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Bounce Color is a creative hub for Filmmakers, to help achieve unique colors and assets to enhance their films.

After 5 years of hard work, we have grown a team of awesome creatives, to bring you high quality digital assets.


“It's not about what camera you use,
it's how you use it”

Bounce Color was created by Will Sutton in 2014, a Filmmaker based in Brighton, UK.

It all began with a passion for color grading. Using LOG profile was a struggle 5 years ago. A lot of editors were struggling with correcting & color grading LOG, while aiming to keep the high dynamic range that comes with it.

Will decided to create his own film looks & color correcting LUTs to share with the world, as he realised there wasn't much out there to help anyone who struggled. He spent a bunch of time specialising LUTs to help as many Filmmakers as possible enhance their films.

Eventually we began to expand our team of creatives to local professionals surrounding Will's work. Now Bounce thrives as a group of talented individuals who have a wide range of experience in Filmmaking, Color Grading & Sound Design.

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Product Features


Created with Experience

After 15 years in the industry, we have teamed up with the best Filmmakers and Colorists we know to create high quality products.


Designed by Creatives

Designed with Filmmaking ideas and needs.


100% Support

We strive to have the best support than anyone else in the game.


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