What is a LUT?

A LUT (Lookup Table) is essentially the modifier between two images, the original image and the displayed image, based on a mathematical formula.

Color LUT’s take in color values and give out corresponding colors, some LUT’s increase saturation, others punch contrast and some even change colors entirely. Most of the time they will do a combination of things. No matter how complicated an image may seem, a LUT is simply a process that turns one color into another.


The good thing about LUT’s is they can be used in nearly any program that adjusts color. Because LUT’s work with so many programs, they are more useful than traditional color presets that only work in one app.


 What can a LUT be used for? 

Using LUT’s you can do fast overall corrections, punch certain colors or even give your shots a unique filmic style.


Supported Software

Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut, Speedgrade, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve, AVID, Sony Vegas 13+ and any software that supports LUT’s.