Jan 2021

Best Music Sites for Filmmakers & Content Creators

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Filmmaking of any kind is really a hard job, but when we’re also talking about adding the right music, it gets complicated. You don’t know where to find the music, or maybe you’re not sure whether you’re allowed to use it or not. It’s ok; we’ve all been there.

Eventually, we discovered the best music sites for filmmakers and content creators, so your creations will really stand out – and you won’t have to worry about copyrights.

DuendeSounds - High Quality Boutique Music & Sound Effects

DuendeSounds have some of the most incredible high quality produced sounds effects on the market. They are built with quality in mind.

The store is based on purchasing the music by products, not subscription. But this also shows that the music is built for the user, not just some basic sounds.

Visit DuendeSounds
Best whooshes we've heard
Small Library but growing fast
Huge variety of SFX
Constant free updates

Soundstripe – Royalty-Free Music with Premiere Pro Integration

Soundstripe is definitely one of the best out there – if not THE best. For starters, you get access to thousands of sound effects at a fair price. Its subscriptions start at $12.50/month for music only or $20.50/month for music and sound effects.

It’s incredibly easy to search for the type of music or SFX you need, and you can only download the part of the song you need – this means that if you like a killer drums loop, you can only keep that.

On top of that, Soundstripe has two pretty awesome integrations with Premiere Pro and Frame.io. The one with Premiere Pro is one of the best things we’ve heard lately – it allows you to search, choose and edit soundtracks directly from the video editor, so you won’t have to switch between apps, download and sort everything. Its Frame.io integration is amazing if you need to decide upon the music along with your team, as you can first send samples and only buy them if and after you’re certain.

The only – and very small – downside of Soundstripe is that you can’t buy music or sound effects separately. It’s not a big deal, as the subscription is already affordable, but it could have been interesting to offer one-time purchases.

As a bonus, you get 3 free downloads when you sign up, and you also get access to its video library – meaning royalty-free footage too!

Visit SoundStripe
Premiere Pro Integrations
Can’t pay per download
Unlimited licenses
Unlimited downloads
Over 30,000 SFX
Frequent updates
Affordable plans
Video library included

Artlist – Great SFX Library and Affordable Plans

Artlist is the second site we have for you, and this one’s pretty great too. For starters, you have three plans to start with:

  • SFX only, for $12.41/month
  • Music only, for $16.60/month
  • Music + SFX bundle, for $25/month

All its plans offer unlimited downloads, lifetime use, an universal license, and of course, new sounds every week.

Before you purchase your subscription, you can start with a free trial. It doesn’t allow you to do a lot of things, but you can download watermarked songs and organize your playlists – if you like it, you’ll probably continue with it.

Something small that’s impressive with Artlist is that you can apply quite a lot of filters when you look for music. You can sort the SFX by mood, instrument, genre, and video theme, which can be really helpful – the incredible interface helps too, as it’s very intuitive.

Just like Soundstripe, you can’t only buy the sound effects you’re interested in, and since all its subscriptions are yearly, it may not be the best choice for everyone.

Visit Artlist
Universal license
Only yearly plans available
Unlimited downloads
Can’t pay per download
Affordable plans
Daily download limit of
40 songs and 100 SFX
Fast-growing library
Efficient filtering

Sound effects are essential when it comes to building a story, and to achieve that perfection, you need to have access to the best out there. Hopefully, these best music sites for filmmakers and content creators will really help you get started!



Andreea Juganaru


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