Jan 2021

Free Premiere Pro Transitions for Video Editing

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What Can You Do With Transitions?

Finding the perfect premiere pro transitions is a hard job, and good free transitions are even harder to find. However, we managed to gather up some of the best from our favourite local resources — all so you can see what quality really means.

Transitions are one of the most important elements of video editing. With them, you can give a whole new feeling to your movies. You can make them dramatic, or you can add a warm feeling. Premiere Pro has a few transitions already, and if you played with them, you probably know the impact they have on your footage.

However, with more advanced transitions, we’re already talking about the most awesome effects you can create with them. 

What Types of Transitions are There?

There are five types of video transitions you can use in your videos, from the most basic ones to the incredibly fun and irreplaceable ones:


Cuts are the most basic transitions, and you usually see them in the news or other TV programs. They are simply abrupt and don’t provide a lot of entertainment. However, depending on the moment of the cut, you can create very dramatic effects.


You probably saw in Premiere Pro the fade transitions — fade from black or fade to white. These transitions can give your footage a very calm ending, and you can use them almost everywhere for consistency.


Dissolve, mix, or crossfade are basically the same transitions, with different names. It offers a gradual fade from one shot to another, giving you a very relaxed feel. You can also use them in photo montages or use them to present a series of chronologic events.


Wipe transitions are complex, and great to present different locations. However, to some people, they look old and basic, and it’s understandable why you’d like to try some of our free Premiere Pro transitions.

Digital Effects

In this category, we have most of the effects that are not simple cuts, fade, dissolve, or wipe, and they can be everything. If you want to use animation, pixelization, or awesome lighting effects, then do it! You’ll have the most awesome transitions!

Recommended Free Premiere Pro Transitions

And now it’s time to get your free transitions for Premiere Pro. Whether you’re a TikToker, YouTuber, Instagrammer or a super cool content creator, these will definitely give you a head start.

The last step? Well, it’s time for you to go ahead and start working on them awesome videos you have planned. If you want more professional effects and sounds for your videos, remember to check out the store!

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