26 March 2021

Free Streaming Assets

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Streaming Animations & Assets

Streaming in 2021 is serious business, and you have to innovate to get ahead in the game continuously.

Whether you are using Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube, or other streaming platforms, it is likely that you are doing so through streaming software such as OBS Studio or Streamlabs. With that said, changing up your style and keeping things fresh is always helpful when you want to make your streams more attractive and engaging.

You will need streaming assets and animations for your streams to stand out. Technically, streaming assets are platform-specific, non-code Assets (such as Models, Textures, Prefabs, Audio clips, and even entire Scenes) that your streaming software can load.

Bounce Color is your best place at getting compatible top-level streaming assets that work across platforms and are compatible with your streaming software.

Free Streaming Assets

If you are looking for streaming assets and free animated elements, take a look at our collection of various animations.

This collection gathers some samples of free streaming assets that come with the paid packs. With them you can enrich your streams and also use them in your video editing software.

Additionally, in our vast streaming assets collection, our elements also work for Filmmakers, such as:

And many other free animated elements and streaming assets and packs on sale right now.

Streaming assets are an essential addition to your streams, and the animated elements that Bounce Color offers will help you upgrade your work.

Download Free 4K Streaming Asset Samples

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All of our streaming assets are compatible with all streaming software. They are supplied in Prores + Alpha file format so the videos have no background, just like a PNG.

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