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About DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is one of the fastest growing editing suites available now. Especially at it's price point of being free for the basic version (which has plenty of features) and a one-off fee for the full version. Learn more about the difference between the paid and free version.

It's developed by Blackmagic Design who are one of the leading camera companies, as you are probably aware with the release of the BMPCC 4K and 6K. Of course from their success over the recent years, we can all trust that Blackmagic are an amazing innovative company that only want to please their customers.When it comes to Blackmagic, I completely trust them.

RAW Workflow

DaVinci Resolve work wonders if you have a Blackmagic camera. As you might be aware, they have released their very own RAW format, revolutionising the industry for more Filmmakers to have access to RAW video, rather than having to own expensive camera like an Arri. Their BRAW format works perfectly within DaVinci Resolve.


Another loved thing about DaVinci Resolve is how fast it runs compared to other editing systems. You can render and play footage much easier.

Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve

Color grading is one the best parts about DaVinci Resolve. It is one of the most powerful widely used color grading programs to this day, used in many Hollywood movies. The color tools are super powerful, with many features other programs just don't have.

We would highly suggest to learn DaVinci Resolve because it's going to be one of the most popular editing programs in the near future.

You can see our guide on camera settings to achieve the best possible look using our LUTs.

See more of our DaVinci Resolve tutorials here.

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Important Guidelines Before Using LUTs

  • Ensure white balance is correct when using LUTs! This will dramatically change the look of the LUT.
  • Ensure your exposure is correct when using LUTs. You can use a histogram to help in camera or editing software.
  • When using LUTs, your footage may need small adjustments to get optimal results, such as exposure, saturation, contrast, etc. depending on your preference.
  • Shooting conditions such as lighting, weather, locations etc. can vary which can drastically affect a LUTs look. Some LUTs will work better in different scenarios. It’s best practice to experiment with which LUTs work best for your style and scenes.

How to add LUTs in DaVinci Resolve

There are two steps to this. We need to Install the LUTs in the software which is simply copy and paste, then step 2 is to apply the LUTs.

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1. Install LUTs in DaVinci Resolve

  • Open DaVinci Resolve on your computer. Open a project.
  • Click on the settings icon located in the bottom right corner. A new window will pop up.
  • Go to Color Management. Scroll down and find 'Lookup Tables'. Then click on 'Open LUT Folder'.
  • The LUT Folder window pops up. Drag and drop the entire downloaded and unzipped folder into the LUT Folder.
  • Close the LUT Folder. In the 'Color Management' tab (step 4), click 'Update Lists'.
  • Click 'Save'.

Visual Process - Installing LUTs

This is the exact same process for Mac and PC

2. How to apply a LUT to footage after installation

  • Go to the 'Color' tab (find it at the bottom of the software).
  • Right-click on a node. Go down to '3D LUT' and choose a LUT.
  • Choose a LUT from the list and voilà: your footage is graded!
apply a lut in davinci resolve

Now you're done!

Now you know how to add LUTs in DaVinci Resolve and apply them on your video footage to get the best out of your work. Get those creative juices flowing!

Should you find yourself troubled with any of the above, fear not, we've got you! Just let us know by contacting us and we will get you going in no time.

Have fun!

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