Winter Lifestyle LUT Pack | 30 Film LUTs

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  • 30 Winter film LUTs

    Compatible with all major editing software
    premiere pro cc after effects adobe photoshop sony vegas final cut pro x editing software compatible filmora pinnacle studio avid davinci resolve blackmagic


    ✓ Download instantly after purchase

    ✓ LUT file format: .cube

    ✓ 24/7 Support

    ✓ No installation required

    ✓ Over 15 years of experience in color grading

    ✓ For professionals and beginners

    ✓ Works on all pro editing programs

    ✓ Tutorials included

    ✓ Created by Film Makers for Filmmakers

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    • Download instantly after purchase
    • Requires No Experience
    • Easy to Use
    • Programs Supported - Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Final Cut Pro X, Speedgrade, Photoshop, Da Vinci Resolve, AVID, Sony Vegas 13+ (Vision Color LUT plugin needed), Filmora and many more.
    • The different camera LUTs are only guides to use on specific cameras. You can use any of these LUTs on any camera by adjusting the contrast S-curve settings.
    • Package Contents - 30 Winter Film LUTs for 7 camera profiles: 
rec709, Sony SLOG2/3, Canon, DJI D-Log, GoPro Protune, Nikon, REDCode RAW R3D, Panasonic GH5 V-LOG. 1x PDF instruction on how to install and use the LUTs.

    Type: LUTs



    red luts
    red luts

    RED Natural Enhanced Cine LUT

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    fujifilm flog luts xt4
    fujifilm flog luts xt4

    Fujifilm F-Log Enhanced Rec709 LUT

    View Details
    bmpcc luts
    bmpcc luts

    Blackmagic BMPCC 4K/6K | Urban Dark LUTs

    View Details
    nature bali jungle luts
    nature bali jungle luts

    Nature LUTs

    View Details
    urban dark cinematic luts
    urban dark cinematic luts

    Urban Dark Cinematic LUTs

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    blackmagic luts
    blackmagic luts

    Blackmagic Clean Enhanced LUT / BMDFilm to Enhanced Rec709

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    Wonderful Winter LUTs for all cameras. We went to Switzerland to capture some of the stunning nature and show off our winter LUTs.

    In the video we used RED Cameras. Images and video previews were completely graded using the Winter Lifestyle pack.


    Here is a series of snapshots from actual footage featuring our Winter Lifestyle LUT Pack in action.

    Click your mouse or thumb on the slider to drag it sideways.

    Benefits of LUTs

    • You can give your film a quick grade on that project that is due in for tomorrow
    • LUTs can give your video a professional look in a short space of time 
    • Find it hard to color grade LOG footage? LUTs can bring LOG footage back to rec709 standard color plus an additional film look while maintaining high dynamic range.
    • You can continue to customise the LUTs using your in built color tools

    bounce color


    We have created some in depth tutorials to help you learn how our LUTs & Assets work in your editing software.
    Please take a look at our tutorials below:



    • Premiere Pro CC
    • After Effects CC
    • Final Cut Pro X
    • DaVinci Resolve
    • Photoshop
    • Vegas Pro
    • Filmora
    • LumaFusion
    • Pinnacle Studio
    • Edius
    • AVID
    • Speedgrade

    + any software that can import LUTs


    Rec709 & Rec2020 are technical terms for standard color.

    • Rec709/Rec2020 (For all cameras using standard color)
    • Blackmagic BMD Film
    • RED Gamma3
    • RedLogFilm
    • Sony SLog 2 & SLog 3
    • Sony Cine4 using Rec709/Rec2020 LUTs
    • Sony HLG
    • Panasonic V-Log
    • Canon C-Log
    • DJI D-Log
    • GoPro using Rec709/Rec2020 LUTs
    • Fujifilm using Rec709/Rec2020 LUTs
    • Canon using Rec709/Rec2020 LUTs
    • Nikon using Rec709/Rec2020 LUTs
    • Kine Infinity using Rec709/Rec2020 LUTs
    • ARRI using Rec709/Rec2020 LUTs
    • iPhone using Rec709/Rec2020 LUTs
    • All phones (Samsung, Google etc.) using Rec709/Rec2020 LUTs

    RED Gemini