15 March 2021

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs - 30%+ Commissions

best affiliate commissions

Affiliate Programs That Earn High Commission

Affiliate marketing is growing more and more popular every day, and living from is perfectly doable. However, out of the hundreds of affiliate marketing programs, only a few are considered to be profitable, so let’s see which ones are the best!

1. Bounce Color

As a content creator, the Bounce Color affiliate program may just be the perfect choice for you. It’s a chance to promote incredible video and sound effects and also get paid for it. For every successful referral, you get up to 30% commission, as well as specialised tools to help you convert your prospects.

2. GetResponse

GetResponse is a marketing automation tool that offers all the required tools to create fast and awesome campaigns. Its affiliate program offers up to 33% commission and it’s accessible by anyone through its website and CJ Affiliate — which by the way, has its own affiliate program.

3. SEMRush

SEMrush’s BeRush affiliate program is one of the most interesting out there. It offers a 40% recurring commission for every successful referral and you get hundreds of promotional materials in five different languages. This means that all you need to do is create awesome blogs and add SEMRush’s materials to bring more people on board.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr offers different affiliate programs and commissions for all its services. You can promote the freelancing platform, or its courses, and get up to 10% yearly commission or $150, depending on the type of service your referrers buy.

5. Typeform

Typeform is a platform specialized in forms and surveys for basically anything you — or your referrers need. What’s not very attractive about Typeform, is that the affiliate program doesn’t really bring you money — for each person you refer, you get 10% off the price of your subscription, so if you use this service a lot, you could actually get it for free.

6. Color Finale

Color Finale is an ultra popular color tools plugin for Final Cut Pro X. It's your one-stop plugin for correcting and enghancing your video footage. We have worked alongside this team and we have to say, they have built a truly wonderful app that is top quality. Their Affiliate Program offers 20% commission on any orders you get.

7. Coursera

Coursera is an online marketplace for courses, similar to Udemy. It has an attractive affiliate program offering between 20% and 45% commission, and the courses are valued between $29 and $99. This means that you can promote all kinds of interesting courses and get paid for it. However, the commission is not recurring — you only get paid once for every referral.

8. Teachable

Similar to Coursera, Teachable is a platform where people can either take courses, or upload their own. Its affiliate program is a little more attractive than Coursera’s, as it offers $30% recurring commission on every purchase.

9. Shopify

Shopify has the best affiliate program in the world, but it’s very hard to access it if you don’t already have an established business. It offers up to 200% commission for any subscription, and if the people you refer sign up for the Premium plan, you get a bonus of $2,000. 

10. Kinsta

Kinsta is a hosting provider, and has an incredible affiliate marketing program. If offers up to $600 for any referral, along with a 10% monthly commission. However, it can be hard to be accepted in the program because they want to collaborate with established websites that can promote their products.

11. WPX Hosting

WPX is one of the fastest and most reliable hosting services. They're known to have the best supoprt team who are always active to help and know what they are doing. They offer an affiliate program with a twist.

12. MooSend

Moosend is an email marketing and marketing automation tool that lets you design newsletters, automate your tasks, create landing pages and forms.Becoming an affiliate will give you a 30% lifetime commission for every new purchase. Also, the program will equip you with ready-made resources and a user-friendly dashboard to help you get more people on board.


Starting an affiliate marketing business is not easy, and with so many niches to choose from, it can be overwhelming. The best part is that you can even start without a website — the possibilities are endless!

If you know of any affiliate programs which offer some great deals, get in touch with us!



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