Oct 2020

What are the Best USB-C Hubs / USB?

best and fastest USB-C hubs

This is why you need a fast USB hub

Having a USB hub on hand is mandatory, especially when talking about filmmaking. The problem comes though when you go ahead and look for one, but there are too many to choose from. Because of that, we made a list of the best USB and the best USB-C hubs available on the market, so you won’t end up spending a lot of money trying them all.

Today’s devices are built with less and less external ports, whether we’re talking about USB-C and Thunderbolt, HDMI, SD readers or jack connectors. This is somehow opposed to what we actually need most times, so we need to find the best USB hubs to count on.

All the important data you have will be going through a USB hub, and it will be closely connected to your devices. This being said, you need to make sure that the one you choose won’t destroy anything you already have.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what your options are when it comes to the best USB and USB-C hubs.

Best USB-C Hubs and USB

1. CalDigit TS3 Plus

This CalDigit TS3 Plus USB hub is one of the best out there. In our office, we have this hub and it’s been brilliant for us, tried and tested! We would highly recommend CalDigit over any other brand as their products are built for quality and speed.

But do be aware it only works via Thunderbolt 3, so many Windows computers will not be compatible unless you have Thunderbolt 3. CalDigit do have some other docks that are compatible with USB-C also.

It’s got two Thunderbolt ports, one DisplayPort, five USB-A along with one USB-C Gen 1 and one USB-C Gen2, as well as an Ethernet plug, SD Card Reader, and two audio ports.

2. Plugable USB 3.0

This Plugable USB 3.0 is what you need if you have multiple displays to connect to the same system. It comes with six USB ports, ethernet, HDMI and DVI connectors. For the DVI port, you also get adaptors for HDMI and VGA. Although it’s compatible with most Windows machines, it doesn’t work with Linux or macOS.

3. OWC 14-Port

Being on the more expensive side, the OWC USB port is packed with all the newest technologies. It comes with four USB Type-A, along with two USB-C and two Thunderbolt 3 ports, SD reader, mini Display Port, ethernet port, as well as an audio jack.

Portable USB and USB-C Hubs

1. CharJenPro USBC Hub

The CharJenPro USBC Hub is one of the best with full MacBook and iPad compatibility. It’s got a high-resolution HDMI port, along with three USB ports, SD and micro SD reader, as well as a USBC power delivery port.

2. UtechSmart USBC Hub 7-in-2

The UtechSmart USBC hub is one of the fastest tested. It features 7 different ports which many great speeds.

3. AUKEY 8-in-1 Type C Hub

Portability is important, and this AUKEY 8-in-1 Type C Hub is perfect to have on hand. It comes with three USB 3.0 ports and one USB-C port, an HDMI with 4k capabilities, as well as an ethernet cable.

Before you go ahead and choose the best USB hub, you should make sure that it’s compatible with your system, and it also has all the ports you need for your activity. The best part is that now you have the best choices to pick from!

In the meantime, you can check out this YouTube video where you have everything explained! Matt has also written a detailed blog about all his tests that you can check out.

In the meantime, you can check out this YouTube video where you have everything explained! Matt has also written a detailed blog about all his tests that you can check out.



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