June 2020

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Every professional Filmmaker wants have a steady stream of work coming in. It's important for safety and their career. With the rise of the internet many more opportunities have arisen for Filmmakers to connect.

FilmLocal is one of those places, designed for Filmmakers to build a community and have a strong network of creatives that benefit each other. They have many accessible areas on their site to find jobs, talk to Filmmakers, get exclusive perks and discounts from Filmmaking companies and much more.

All for a small price of $5/month you get access to all these features. Overall that $5 you will earn back by discounts and potential work so we see it as a no-brainer for Filmmakers to join up.

FilmLocal | Local Filmmaking Jobs and Community

FilmLocal is a one-stop site to find local community filmmakers and work. It's a great source for local film jobs in your area and networking with other creators close to home. Every Filmmaker needs more of this happening, connecting communities and helping each other out.


Teckers | Filmmaking, Photography & Tech News

Teckers is a new local community website that focuses on bringing high quality content for Filmmakers and tech lovers.


Sound Effects for Filmmaking

DuendeSounds are one of our favourite Sound Effects creators we have experienced. They create some incredible sound effects and we cannot recommend them enough.


Camera Operators London

We have worked with many fantastic camera operators throughout the UK.

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luxury fashion luts

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urban dark cinematic luts

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nature bali jungle luts

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