16 July 2021

Free Video Backgrounds That Increase Production Value

If you're looking for free video backgrounds, you need to be very careful about which ones you end up using. They aren't all royalty-free, which could land you in trouble if the owner of the background finds out.

For those who take their craft a bit more seriously, we'll even share some options that you can grab today to take your work to the next level.

Let's start by explaining what exactly these free video backgrounds are in the first place, and why you need them.

What exactly are free video backgrounds used for?

Anytime you're using titles throughout your edits, you'll want to use a video background to help the text pop and ensure the audience understands that their focus should be on the words on the screen.

These are also perfect for transitions from clip to clip, and will likely be a staple in your video editing assets - it's unlikely you'll ever really edit a video without using background footage.

If you are just starting out in videography, you are likely scraping by on a budget - trying to bootstrap as much as you can. That's why you're here today to learn about the best free stock footage to use in your edits.

  • Make your text pop
  • Fill in empty backgrounds to graphics
  • Great for data graphs, text and graphic displays
  • Use them in graphic design for posters, business cards etc.
  • Web design
  • Logo sequences
  • Wedding films
  • Video streaming
  • All video & photo editing software
  • Stages/shows
logo backgrounds
graphic design background

Should I buy a pack or use free Video Backgrounds?

When first getting started using background visuals, you're going to quickly come to a crossroads when deciding whether to purchase a pack or download free video background options instead.

There are a few different ways you can think about this, but ultimately, the decision is entirely yours. If you're new to this craft and you just want to dip your toes in the water, then by all means go with a free pack.

These will be a great introduction to integrating visuals into your work, even if it's just to serve as a background for title text.

But as you get better at what you do, and you gain more and more paying clients, you would be well advised to purchase a video background pack. There are a few reasons for this.

Free stock footage is great at first, assuming you avoid any royalty issues. At a certain point though, you're going to find that you are a bit limited in terms of customizing the background - and these free options are s small taster of what you get in a paid pack.

To really showcase your best work, we recommend investing in yourself. You can cross that bridge when you come to it, though!

video background purple

What Video Backgrounds should I use in my edits?

Now that you have a good understanding of what a video background is used for, we're going to share a few options you can download today, built by us.

These free videos are entirely royalty-free, so you don't have to worry about infringing on anyone's ownership rights.

They're also high enough quality that we feel confident you'll be impressed when you see the final product in your work, but more importantly, so will your clients! They are built in 6K resolution, which is designed to future proof your work for years.

Free Video Backgrounds

If you want to get started with some incredible free video backgrounds, look no further than this download.

These are entirely royalty-free, and are snippets from the Lucent Video Background pack - which will discuss later on, as one of the best paid options currently on the market.

This download comes with three stock footage visuals you can implement into your edits and will be a great introduction to how these work and how much better your edits will come out with them in your toolbox.

Keep in mind, these are only 5-second loops - you'll either have to limit your titles and transitions to that timeframe.

Once you see how great they are, we're sure you'll want to upgrade to the full package and unlock even more video background options. So, let's talk about the paid pack these are derived from - the Lucent Background Visuals.

Download here

Your free download will be sent to you via email. Please check your spam folder if you did not receive it after checkout. Feel free to contact us if you need any help.

Lucent free version

  • 5 Second snippets
  • 6K Resolution
  • Only 3 clips

Lucent full version

  • Up to 68 Seconds for each clip
  • Wide range of colors
  • 6 Looping backgrounds at 68 seconds
  • 5 60 Second clips
  • 2 10 Second clips
  • 2 20 Second clips
  • 1 40 Second clip
  • 6K Resolution
  • 20 video backgrounds with an overall length of more than 10 minutes

Lucent Background Visuals in 6K

No - these aren't free. But you'll quickly realize as you climb up the ladder in this industry that you get what you pay for when it comes to video editing assets.

There is honestly no better investment than in yourself - so why not spend a bit of money from your most recent project on some better assets, like the free stock footage you'll find in the Lucent Background Visuals Pack.

If you've downloaded the free video background snippets pack we just described, then we really don't have to explain what a worthy investment this pack is - you got to see for yourself, firsthand!

When you buy this pack, you'll gain access to 20 video backgrounds, all of which are incredibly vibrant (6K). These are easier to use than any other stock footage you'll find out there, free or not. They are provided in the Apple Prores codec which is top quality and industry standard for broadcast, ensuring you get the best quality possible.

Simply drag and drop these into any video editing software you want, and bring them into your timeline - it couldn't be easier. You can even adjust the color hue if you'd like to perfect your project. These are great not just for video editing, but also for: 

  • Stages and shows
  • Posters
  • Title backgrounds
  • Graphics design
  • Website design
  • Video & photo editing
View Lucent Background Visuals
video background lucent
video background lucent

Lucent Background Visuals

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Background Visuals V1

Maybe you're looking for something a bit more robust - if that sounds like you, and you're looking for video footage you can use specifically for titles, then you need this Background Visuals Pack.

You get 22 different colored video background options to choose from, each of which you can customize even further by adjusting the color. They're subtle, cinematic, and just as easy to use as the last pack we described.

These video backgrounds work great for just about any type of video, but they really shine in video styles like Corporate, Cinematic, Sport, Showreels, Fashion, Glitchy, and Studio. And just like the Lucent pack, you can use these video clips in any editing software.

background visuals for titles
background visuals for titles

Subtle Background Visuals

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Final thoughts on free Video Background visuals

We've presented you with a few great options if you need stock video clips to serve as the background in your edits - they're royalty-free and ultra-high quality.

Whether you want to download the free video background pack we described earlier and try them out yourself before making a purchase, or you're ready to dive right in and start producing the quality of work you know you're capable of - we shared options for you.

With these products, you are well on your way to creating edits you're proud of, and more importantly, earn you repeat business from the clients you work with, helping you grow and become known for your craft in this industry.

The only hard part of getting started is picking which one of these you want - but the good news is, you can grab them all!



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background visuals for titles

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