26 March 2021

YouTube Logo Animations for Video Editing

Drag & Drop Into Your Editing or Streaming Software

Intro & Outro YouTube Logo Animations

YouTube logo animations are very good and engaging. The bad part is that you can't always find the right animations to fit your films. As with every element on your channel, the CTA outro elements need to stand out and look top quality.

Luckily, you can find a bunch of YouTube logo animations right here. Our team made sure to create everything you may need to get the best of it! Our team of animators worked hard to get the elements top notch quality, high resolution 6K & 60fps to fit all project framerates.

Wide Variety of Styles

  • Fire
  • Dark Mysterious
  • Sabre
  • Electric
  • Energy
  • Text CTA Animations
  • Icon Animations
  • Text & Icon Animations

Simply Just Drag & Drop

How to use YouTube Logo Animations?

We provide two file types with our YouTube Animated Elements, MP4 H264 & Prores + Alpha.

Using Prores + Alpha:

Just drag & drop the elements into your timeline & that's it.

Large file size.

Not all editing software supports this file type.

Using MP4 H264:

All you need to do is change the blend mode to 'Screen' to use our MP4 Animated Elements.

Small file size.

Nearly all editing software supports this file type.

Where can I find them?

Take a look at our YouTube Logo Animations below.

YouTube Animated Elements

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More Animated Elements

We have crafted more animated elements such as Twitch Animations, Sketch Animations, Energy Animations and more.



Andreea Juganaru


animated elements sketch drawing
animated elements sketch drawing

Sketch Animated Elements

energy animated elements
energy animated elements

Energy Animated Elements

flourish flower animations for weddings product
flourish flower animations for weddings product

Flourish Animated Elements

YouTube Animated Elements
YouTube Animated Elements

YouTube Animated Elements

Twitch Animations & Streaming Assets
Twitch Animations & Streaming Assets

Twitch Animations & Streaming Assets


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