01 Mar 2022

How To Crop A Video In Premiere Pro

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Cropping and resizing in Premiere Pro is one of the first things you will learn as a new video editor. The use cases for cropping is endless, it may be to reframe your chosen clip or to crop out something that is distracting in the edge of the frame. In these simple steps, I will show you how to do so.

Quick guide

The fastest way to crop in Premiere Pro is to select your clip in the timeline, then go to the 'Effects Controls' panel, open the 'Motion' drop-down, manually adjust the 'Position' & 'Scale' to your preferred parameters. 

quick guide

2 Methods to crop in Premiere Pro

There are a few alternate ways of cropping your video in Premiere Pro. I find that everyone is different, while someone may have their method you may have another. Here are 2 separate methods that will achieve the same final goal, you may find that you prefer to do it your way. 

Method 1 - Using the crop effect

Step 1 - Add the 'Crop' effect

Head over to the 'Effects' panel. Search for 'Crop', drag the crop effect onto your clip.

add crop effect

Step 2 - Change the values

Change the values to your desired crop. This will crop the image from either the top, bottom left or right to your desired parameters. Now you should have a cropped image. 

crop effect

Step 3 - Reposition or Scale

If you want to reposition or zoom into your crops use the following - Video Effects > Motion > Position or scale

reposition and scale value

Method 2 - Using the Transform Effect

The advantage of using the transform effect is that you gain control over the motion blur and shutter angle of your selected clip. Head over here to see how you can create energetic transitions with this method.

Step 1 - Add the 'Transform' effect

Head over to the 'Effects' panel. Search for 'transform', in Video Effects under Distort select 'transform'. Drag the transform effect onto your clip.

transform effect

Step 2 - Choose the value

Very much like our first step at the beginning, using this method you will choose your selected values for ‘Position‘ & ‘Scale‘ to your preferred parameters. 

transform the values of effect


You should now feel confident in cropping, resizing or reframing any desired clip in Premiere Pro. If you want to learn how to crop videos using a free method, check this guide on free video croppers.

If you're interested in learning more, check out our video editing tutorials to learn great tips & tricks that improve your editing skills.

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Video on how to crop in Premiere pro


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