The Best Stock Video Websites 2021

Reviewed by Filmmakers for Filmmakers

best stock video

Why use stock video?

Stock videos are really handy and even though there are tons of options out there, it can still be hard to find a proper source. In order to help you, we put together this list of the best stock video websites, so you know exactly where to look.

What To Keep In Mind When Downloading Stock Videos?


You need to carefully read the license before downloading stock footage, as you need to know if you can use them for personal or commercial use.


Even though the prices can be high sometimes, it may just be worth it. Some websites work on a subscription, while others allow you to pay as you download. See what you need, and choose according to that.

Raw Footage

This is something you really should focus on. If the camera used to film the stock footage supports shooting in a Raw format, then get Raw footage. If not, just make sure you get the original unedited file from the camera. Raw is a format that only professional cameras have due to the high data that comes with it.

Many cameras now shoot Raw format, such as Blackmagic, RED, Arri and Canon. You don't really want to get edited content unless you are buying the footage because it's edited in a specific way.

Getting the Raw footage is the best format to use as you can have full control over editing the video to suit your film. If the website you’re looking at doesn’t provide Raw footage, it may be best to look elsewhere.

High-Resolution Videos

Depending on what your final delivery is, you may be interested in finding high-resolution videos. This is important in this day of age, many companies are still stuck in the past using only HD videos.

Most monitors on the market are now 4K, so there's no point in getting HD footage unless it's strictly viewed on phones.

You should always future proof your videos as 4K is now the new standard.

The Best Stock Video Sources

1. Filmmakers!

Ok, this is not a website, but most Filmmakers on the internet will be more than happy to license their footage. Go support local Filmmakers as there is some great stuff out there. If you find something you like, then send an email to find out!

2. ArtGrid

artgrid website page

ArtGrid is a very good source of stock footage and everything is royalty-free. It works based on a quite affordable subscription, and you can get access to any type of footage.

Lifetime use
RAW footage on PRO plan
Unlimited download
Can’t buy clips separately
Graded footage
HD Clips

3. Pond5

pond5 website page

Pond5 is a universal website where you can get anything you need from footage to images, 3D models and music for your creations. You can find HD, 4K, and even 360 footage on there, and the prices are not too expensive.

High-quality footage
Can be hard for beginners to 
figure the license they need
Great price

Many additional assets
Unlimited use

4. Nimia

nimia website page

Nimia keeps a level of exclusivity by promoting footage from award-winning Filmmakers. Through their categories, you can find 8K footage shot on RED, aerial footage and even footage shot in 1000fps. They have three plans, the first one starting with a standard license.

High-quality footage
Can get expensive
Preset plans
For larger plans,
you need to call them
Royalty-free and
rights-managed footage
Multiple formats

5. FilmSupply

film supply website

On FilmSupply you can find pretty much everything you need in terms of video footage and they worked with quite a few companies such as Google, Netflix, and even Tesla. Their prices are a little higher compared to others, but it’s quality content.

High-Quality Footage
Pricier than the rest
Many formats
For larger plans,
you need to contact them
Pay per clip
Covers all possible licenses

6. Shutterstock

shutterstock website

Shutterstock is a huge database of pretty much everything creatives need, from video footage to images, illustrations, and music. Their monthly plan starts at $89 per month, and it includes five HD or 4K videos.

Monthly subscription
Pricier than most
4K footage
Can be hard to
cancel subscriptions
Pay per clip
Licensed videos

7. Story Blocks

storyblocks website

Story Blocks is one of the most affordable stock footage providers, offering video footage, images, and sounds to their users. All their plans come with a standard license, and you can download HD and 4K videos.

Most affordable
No RAW footage
No pay-per-clip feature
HD and 4K video
Unlimited distribution

8. Pexels

pexels website homepage

Pexels is the UnSplash of the video world, and everything they have is free to use by anyone. They give their users the possibility to download as much footage as they need, without attributing the authors, and even modifying the videos as they need.

Free downloads
No RAW footage
No pay-per-clip feature
Many different 
Not the greatest quality

Choosing the right stock video provider can be a little overwhelming, but you can always use this list, so you make the best of it!


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