Video Backgrounds




We know what works, after spending over 15 years gaining our experience in Filmmaking. We've worked hard perfecting our craft to create the highest quality video editing tools on the market. You can spice up your videos or title sequences by implementing our visual backgrounds.

No matter what type of look you’re going for, these are a great way to set the tone. Especially when you don't know what to use behind your titles. They go great with just about any style - including corporate, cinematic, sport, showreels, fashion, glitchy, studio, and more.


What exactly are Background Visuals?

These allow you to add excitement to your films, particularly when you are displaying titles and text. Instead of a boring black background, these video backgrounds increase production quality and interest for your viewers.

They help the title and text pop, so you can ensure the watcher’s eyes are drawn to the text. They are captivating with video title templates and using one of these animated video backgrounds.


How do you use animated Video Backgrounds?

The best part about our animated video backgrounds is they work with any video editing software you might use - they're super universal because they are just video files.

You can simply download the background visuals, then drag & drop them into your software. That's it!

From there, it’s just a matter of getting creative and formatting the background visual so it fits, then adding your text over it. 

You can add any effects to the background you want. Fade the background in or out, add blur or change the color - it’s totally up to you.


Where to buy Video Backgrounds

If you’re looking to buy video backgrounds, you can find them here on our store. Take a look at the options available and see which packs work for you.


Why Bounce Color is a great place to buy Video Backgrounds

Our team at Bounce Color are industry professionals, with decades of experience in Filmmaking and Video Editing. We've been producing high quality products for many years, to enhance our own films and others. We call ourselves perfectionists in our craft.

This holds true for not just our background visuals, but everything we offer - from our video LUTs to our lightroom presets, our lens flares, sound effects, and everything in between.

With the years of experience we have gained producing films for giant brands in a wide range of industries, you can trust that we know what works and what doesn’t - so you will never have to second guess any assets you purchase from us. With Bounce Color on your side, you’re ready to achieve visual perfection.


Benefits of our Background Visuals

In terms of quality, our background visuals are available in 4.5K & 6K Resolution. Ensuring they match the cameras on the market today. Most professional cameras shoot 6K resolution these days and it's only a matter of time until the standard is 6K. Future proof your library! These backgrounds will last for years.

We've crafted them in such a way that they hold up well with banding, so when rendering into a compressed video format such as MP4, the banding will be very minimal. Banding is the circular lines you see on gradients. This is caused by the compression in common compressed formats used for the web to save space.

With an average clip length of around 50 seconds, you’ll have plenty to work with. Supplied clips varying between 10 and 68 seconds, also with some that loop.

When you buy our background visuals, you are unlocking access to a wide library of beautifully designed backgrounds optically captured with organic elements to give a natural look.

Plus, you can easily change the colors of these too, unlocking many more possibilities. This is possible through the built-in color tools inside your software such as hue or tint tools.

The five star reviews on our backgrounds speak for themselves - you don’t have to take our word for it, just read what video editors like yourself have to say. Invest in yourself and your craft today, and increase the quality of your work.