Video Title Templates




With our video title templates, the days are gone of fumbling around to create your own cinematic titles. This collection of beautiful, stylish titles will make this piece of the puzzle easy for you, while helping you produce higher quality edits.

With over 15 years of experience in this industry, we know what works and what doesn’t. We keep our video titles subtle, yet cinematic. Never overdoing it and taking away the viewers eyes from the footage itself.


What are video titles?

Video titles are a super important, yet an often overlooked aspect of film editing. These are simply text you place over your footage or in an empty frame - sometimes in tandem with a video background.

Whether it’s the main title of your video, lower thirds, or just some text you’re using to explain something to the viewer - having the right typography is crucial. Just like your cinematic sound effects, choosing the right one is really an art.


Why are video titles so important?

While you might show the audience a snippet of film before showing any titles, this is still one of the first things your viewer is going to see.

Plus, the video titles serve as your greatest opportunity to hook your audience in. While we can’t necessarily help you come up with the name of your film itself, we CAN help you with the typography aspect of it.

You don’t want to use just any animated style of text in your work, it needs to be super cohesive with the theme and mood fitting your film.

This is a super subjective part of videography and film editing, as it truly is an art. But, that’s why so many of the best editors in the world still rely on video title templates. Especially when working on a short deadline, sometimes it’s difficult to spend time on cinematic styles.


Improve your edits with video Title Templates

A video title template is exactly what it sounds like - a prebuilt animation sequence of text that you can use as your cinematic title. These templates are provided in project files specific to your software, which is fully customizable.

These are typically animated, and can be as subtle or flashy as you want. Whatever the case, using these templates makes crafting the font and title for your film far less complicated.

Most often, the final product can come out way better when using these. Focus on your strengths, and let us do the hard work. You can simply download these templates, load them into After Effects (or whatever software they are specific with), and csutomize them to your timeline!

It couldn’t be any easier. The only tough part is choosing the right assets that show you’re serious about your craft.


Why we have the most versatile After Effects Title Templates

With over a decade invested into Filmmaking, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Being experienced video editors ourselves, we know what other video editors like.

We knew we could help video editors like yourself, produce better content while saving you time - which is why we’ve developed all our film assets. It’s just like sharing our experience with others.

Bounce Color is a one-stop shop for all things video editing assets - we have some of the best video title templates, but we also have everything else you need to put out your best projects to date - video LUTs, lens flare overlays, and even lightroom presets for our photographers out there.

The best part about our Ascension title pack of video titles is that not only will you gain access to eye catching cinematic title animations - we even include 22 background visuals for you to pair these with. 

These go hand in hand, so we will help you save money and offer a complete package. Here are some other reasons people love our bundles.


Our Ascension After Effects Title Templates are as versatile as it gets

Each of these 20 titles is versatile, with the ability to change the color super easily, fitting whatever type of background you have.

Plus, you can adjust the animation settings with customizable key frames. This allows you to put your own personal touch on the cinematic titles. Frame rate, resolution, scale, position are all editable as well.

All our titles start at an astounding 4k resolution, but can be adapted to suit whatever film style you’ve shot.

These are also built specifically as After Effects title templates, as that is the most comprehensive software to create beautiful titles.


How do I apply a title template in After Effects?

There is just so much to love about out After Effects title templates - the ease of use is one such thing. Applying these to your film couldn’t be any easier.

The titles come as project files. Once you’ve downloaded the files, you can load the project into After Effects. From there, you can customize the title as you please - this is where you can get really creative and leave your mark on it.


Are the After Effects Title Templates compatible with other software too?

While we did build our After Effects title templates for that software in particular, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in another program! But you will need After Effects to edit them.

You can simply drag and drop the After Effects project into other Adobe applications such as Premiere Pro and they work together very well.

To use in other software rather than Adobe, you can export the title project into a video file. There’s a couple of ways you can do this:

  • Export the video WITHOUT a background so that you can place the title above any footage easily. You can do this by exporting the video into this format - ‘Quicktime Prores 4444 + Alpha’. What this does is export the title without a background. Think of it just like a PNG photo, but it’s a video. Most editing software supports Prores + Alpha videos.
  • Export the video with a background. You can export into any format you like here. Prores is the professional standard, or MP4 for web. Most editing software supports these file types.