Lightroom Presets




Automate your work and produce enhanced colors with Lightroom Presets. While we primarily provide assets for Filmmakers such as film LUTs or sound effects, we know how many Photographers struggle to find quality Lightroom Presets that work on both desktop and mobile.

Our team has been developing assets for content creators for the past decade. Our assets are easy to use, high quality and versatile.


What are Lightroom Presets?

These are - as you can probably guess - preconfigured settings that you use in the Adobe Lightroom photo editing software. These help you achieve whatever look, style, or mood you’re trying to convey with your image. They greatly automate much of your work, so you can press a button and pull in the filters, colors, hues, shadows, contrast, and any other styles that you want - at the ratios you want them.

These are a must have for any photographer, but particularly those who edit a lot of the same types of photos. For example, if you typically shoot weddings - you will likely have settings you always fall back on. 

Instead of fiddling with all this manually, you can simply upload a preset pack to Lightroom, and achieve the same exact look with the click of a single button.


Are Lightroom Filters the same things as Presets?

You may hear the term Lightroom filters get tossed around almost synonymously for presets - are these things the same?

No - these are not exactly the same. While a preset can adjust up to 50 different settings with the press of one button, a filter is simply a layer you apply over an image to alter the way it looks.

Lightroom filters will really only change exposure or color tone - meaning they are a bit more limited. Instead of Lightroom filters, look instead for presets - these are what you’re really after!


Are Lightroom Presets free?

You may come across free versions online, these are pretty common. But if you’re looking for quality, we highly recommend buying some paid presets - you almost always get what you pay for when it comes to photo and film assets.

You can actually access some free Lightroom Presets in our Sample Pack, designed to give you a taste of our products and practise using them in your software.


Benefits of Lightroom Presets?

The reason you buy Lightroom presets, is so that you can achieve specific colors or increase the quality and look of your work. By doing this, you are actually setting yourself up to charge higher prices, get consistent looks and increase the volume at which you can provide your service.

Presets can greatly increase the quality of your work by unlocking looks and feels that you may not have realized were possible.

And since you can quickly apply the presets, you will cut your working time substantially - allowing you to either take on more projects, or enjoy more time for yourself.

Here is a quick list of benefits, in summary:

  • Work faster and turn projects around quicker
  • Achieve colors that you cannot produce yourself
  • Get consistent looks
  • You’ll learn more about how color techniques are achieved
  • You can further customize presets and build your own custom settings, creating your own style


Can you buy Lightroom Mobile Presets too?

A lot of people prefer the mobile version of the software, so we actually carry Lightroom mobile presets too. Our presets work on any photos that Lightroom supports, even photos taken from your mobile.

Any Lightroom assets you buy from us, work on both desktop and mobile.


Why buy Lightroom Presets at Bounce Color?

Now, if you’re ready to deep-dive into the world of Lightroom Presets, we can say we’ve spent over a decade crafting our experience into products that will benefit you.

We have a few different options, but all our Lightroom Presets include Lightroom mobile presets - a must have if you’re going to be investing in these.

If you’re also in the Filmmaking game, we have the other assets you should check out too. You can find lens flare overlaystitle templatesbackground visuals as well.


How many presets are included in our Lightroom Bundle?

Our Lightroom Collection contains 30 unique presets, broken into three categories - Tanzania, Tone, & Summer. There are 10 of each style, and each of these can be customized even further, leading to an incomprehensible number of possibilities.

Each of these Lightroom packs are compatible with every version of Lightroom - whether you’re on an old edition or the latest version.

They’re also compatible on all operating systems - Mac, Windows, IOS, and even Android. Invest in yourself today, your future self will thank you.