Lens Flare Overlays

Add an extra edge to your footage and step up your video editing game up, with our lens flare overlay packs.

These are a must-have asset no matter what software you use - Premiere Pro, After Effects, or anything in between. Because all of our light flare overlays are universal, you can easily integrate them into your work anytime, any place.

Unlike a lot of lens flare packs you can find online, our light flares are 100% natural - shot with real high quality cameras. There's a variety of styles crafted using glass shards and prisms for the most realistic look possible.

With customizable color, the possibilities are endless in terms of how you can incorporate these into your edits.


What is a Lens Flare Overlay?

A light flare overlay is a way to add a natural flare to your footage - even if you don’t have one in the existing footage. This just works really well with some types of videos, especially commercial and studio.

This helps you add some color and life to your work. This can really help make an otherwise bland scene, pop.

They’re commonly paired with our video title templates to help the text jump off the screen at the viewer. 

If you’ve researched these at all, then you might already know that while some people love using lens flare packs, others try to avoid light flare at all costs. Let’s discuss whether you should consider using these in your work or not.


Are Lens Flares good or bad?

This is a super interesting topic - because while some people want to eliminate any instance of sun or light flare in their footage, you also have people asking, how do you add lens flare video overlay to your footage?

Of course, the answer lies somewhere in the middle - like with most debates. Using a light flare overlay can be a great addition to your footage, but only when used properly. There is a time and a place for these, like any asset in your library.

There are a few factors that go into this - and it’s what separates great video editors from the others. Shooting technique, lens choice, and time of day all play a key role. 

If you want to learn more, we actually have an entire tutorial on how to use a lens flare overlays - this will cover everything you need to know.


Are Lens Flare Overlay Packs worth it?

With all the different assets you need in your arsenal, you may be questioning whether lens flare packs are worth it or not.

This is a fair question - and the answer is, it depends. If you take your craft seriously, and want to have a library of effects for every occasion - then yes. These are 100% worth it.

By having lens flare effects in your bag, you can produce unique content. This will allow you to charge higher prices for your work, and leave your clients more satisfied.

We believe a video editor needs to have a versatile library of assets - and that’s why so many of the best editors in the world, come to us to build their library - including video LUTs, animated video backgrounds, sound effects, animated elements, and even lightroom presets. Let’s cover some of the reasons we love light flare overlays.

Why we recommend Lens Flare Overlay Packs

The big benefit light flare overlay packs offer is how they can make a subject pop. If you are looking to highlight a specific element in a video - such as a person or an object - the lens flare overlay is a great choice, particularly if the scene is outdoors. Think of why bokeh on lenses is commonly used to give a blurry background, directing your viewers eyes to a subject. This is how lens flares can be used.

Plus, the light flare overlay packs we crafted can help you spruce up your title sequences and motion graphics, adding some creativity and color.

When you buy one of our lens flare packs, you get a ton of versatility too. You can easily change the color of these using the built-in color tools - featured in just about every software out there.


What are the different instances in which you can use a light flare overlay?

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck when you purchase a video editing asset, you really can’t go wrong with a light flare overlay pack.

These can be used in so many different situations - way more than you may think! Here is a full list of scenarios you can integrate a light flare overlay:

  • Transitions
  • Titles/Motion Graphics
  • Subtle shine
  • Fill an empty part of a frame
  • Sunny shots
  • Increase production value
  • Music Videos
  • Commercial
  • Special Effects
  • Wedding Films
  • And much, much more!

Why Bounce Color is a great place to build your video editing asset library

There are so many different places you can get lens flare overlay packs online. But we put thousands of hours of experience into our craft. Producing what we believe to be some of the best quality video editing assets on the market.

This is one of the main reasons people choose to invest in their craft by shopping with us. We're super happy with the feedback we've had over the years from our customers. See for yourself!

We have spent over a decade working alongside industry professionals in commercials, films, corporate, you name it! 

When you shop with us, we guarantee you’re getting top quality assets. They're compatible with every major video editing software you can get today, and couldn’t be easier to use. We provide in-depth tutorials with every pack we sell.

Our lens flare packs are all shot with real cameras, so they are actually real flare overlays - they aren’t just generated with computer graphics.

Plus, they will work with any frame rate whether it would be 24fps, 25fps or 30fps. If you’re ready to start enhancing your video editing library, grab your favourite assets and get started!