23 July 2021

Download Free Motion Graphics in 6K

Motion Graphics by Bounce Color

Our Animated Elements, otherwise known as Motion Graphics are our best selling products by far. They have taken a storm recently with content creators because of their powerful use cases.

Paid and Free Motion Graphics are used for many things. They are super easy to use and a fast addition to any project, without having to hire animators to do specialised tasks. Sometimes your project is on a strict deadline or maybe you just don't have the budget to hire animators, as we all know, the prices can add up!

This is why we have gathered up our top quality team of animators, and spent countless hours crafting quality animations, with no fluff or useless animations. Our packs are a very reasonable price sitting around £20 for individual packs, or £50 for a bundle. They can be used in any production too, commercial or personal!

Types of Motion Graphics

There's a bunch of types of free Motion Graphics, some of the most popular being:

The benefits of Motion Graphics

Where do I start with the benefits? There are so many reason why they are helpful and handy for everyone.

Motion Graphics are a perfect solution to getting top quality animated graphics into your project. If you purchase a pack of animated elements, they will cost the fraction of the price of an actual top quality animator. Getting a crafted pack of Motion Graphics basically lets you skip a huge expensive process in your editing workflow.

There's no need to wait for an animator to do their job, no need for extra budget and there's no need to find an animator capable of doing the job. These can be tough tasks and sometimes very expensive! So companies like us, do the hard work for you.

Specifications of Motion Graphics

free motion graphics provided by bounce color

Motion Graphics work wonders for several reasons. They require a high level of skill and time to create, Maybe it's not in your skillset to design these or there may not be any budget for an animator depending on your project.

Motion Graphics are available in many different formats. Usually they will be delivered in project files specific to certain software, or in broadcast quality video files. For best compatibility across all software, we deliver most of ours in broadcast video files.

This is a new way of getting Motion Graphics in your projects in recent years, and we love it.  They're simply video files with a transparent background. Think of them as a PNG photo,  but as video.

The good thing about this is that you don't need to have or know the software that created the animation. The transparent video files work in nearly all editing software. The file type is called Apple Prores 4444 including Alpha channel. The alpha channel is the transparent background. Apple Prores is the professional standard for broadcast and is top quality. The only downside is that they are very large files, due to the quality and alpha channel. But as a professional, large files aren't really a problem, as most new video cameras produce large files now. Quality over quantity.

Where can I download free Motion Graphics?

Part of our library has opened up for people to experiment with. We have a few different types of free motion graphics available to download. Here is a list of three different free motion graphics crafted by us at Bounce Color:

These free motion graphics will give you an insight into our craft. Give them a go and see what you think, if you have any questions please contact us and we would be happy to help!

Compatible editing software & tutorials

Learn what editing software is compatible with our Motion Graphics here. You can also see how it use them.

premiere pro using free motion graphicscompatible editing software

& many more!

Where can I find the best quality Motion Graphics?

There are a lot of paid & free motion graphics on the market in 2021, and some of them definitely stand out. There are also a lot of basic options for free, but it's hard to judge whether the free motion graphics are really that good.

To be honest, free ones can be a hit and miss depending where you get them from. But our free motion graphics are top quality, I can tell you that for sure. Reason being - we release a small percentage of our best motion graphics for free so that our customers can get a taster of what we have in the full package. If they like, then they buy more. This then helps us fund our professional animators to build more motion graphics, for you.

We have crafted hundreds of hours into building our paid & free motion graphics so they are the best quality on the market. Our team of pro animators have done a wonderful job, we're proud to say! As far as motion graphics goes, we would say that our motion graphics are up there as one of the best on the market. We say this with confidence with our decades of experience and knowledge in the Filmmaking/Graphics world.

We are all about quality over quantity. See for yourself below:

flourish free motion graphics
energy animations

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